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Help with your Corvette
CorvetteForum - site features many Corvette-related things from selling your Corvette to solving Corvette problems
Digital Corvettes - site features many Corvette-related things from selling your Corvette to solving Corvette problems


Great Places to Purchase Corvettes From:
Rydell Chevrolet
(Waterloo, IA) - they sell many different Chevrolet models, but they excel at selling the group Corvettes.
Karl Chevrolet
(Ankeny, IA) - they have an annual, multi-day (free) Corvette celebration each year which typically includes a drive around Iowa Speedway.
Sampson Corvettes (Spencer, IA) - this is the only dedicated Corvette store in Iowa that we're aware of.


Buy Corvette Parts & Accessories:
Mid America Motorworks - very good site for purchasing and researching Corvette Parts and close to being local to Iowa (based out of Effingham, IL)
Corvette Trader - buy, sell Corvettes & parts
Zip Corvette - buy Corvette parts


Research & Finding a New/Used Corvette: - site features many car-related things including buying/selling Corvettes and many other cars
AutoTrader - site features buying/selling Corvettes and many other cars
Rogers Corvette Site - has history and trivia for all the Corvette years and models; very good for researching how many of what color was made during a specific model year
Corvette Central - information for each Corvette year 


Recommendations from Mid America Motorworks Funfest Technical Forums: - lists all the suppliers that carry "Top Tier" fuel. It has the right additives for injector cleaning - lists Ethanol-free gas stations by state - After registering, has forums and will give you FREE technical advice - lists "world class" corvette technicians by name and state. If your going to pay top service rates why not get the best that's available?


Other Recommended Sites: - features various Corvette-related information and is a digital magazine.
Corvette Action Center - features Corvette news and information.
Digital Corvettes - Corvette news and forums - Corvette blogs, news, articles, pictures, etc.
Vette Parts Resources - site which links together common Corvette parts sites
RCG Auto Logistics - offers vehicle shipping anywhere nationwide