Photos - 2014 Outings

Perkins, Waterloo (2-10-2014)
KOKZ 4th Street Cruise, Waterloo (5-24-2014)
Perkins, Waterloo (5-29-2014)
Chilito's Mexican Bar & Grill, Waterloo (6-5-2014)
Jerry Rolling Chevrolet, Waverly (7-3-2014)
Reinbeck 4th of July Parade, Reinbeck (7-4-2014)
Pizza Ranch, Waverly (7-31-2014)
Corvettes at Karl's, Karl Chevrolet/Iowa Speedway, Newton (8-12-2014)
National Corvette Caravan/Rydell Chevrolet, Waterloo (8-31-2014)
Nashua Welcome Center, Nashua (9-25-2014)
Clare's Christmas Gathering/Potluck, Reinbeck (12-11-2014)



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